About Me

My very first exposure to programming and graphic design comes from using HTML and photoshop to create my front page of the weblog and social networking sites: Xanga and Myspace. Coding became the perfect combination of my love for problem solving and art.

I am originally from Honolulu, Hawaii and moved to Las Vegas, Nevada in 2001. I attended the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and received a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. University has taught me discipline, team work and self worth. During my academic years, I would teach myself web development and start to freelance graphic design.

I am currently employed as an Associate Software Engineer and have experience as a QA Automation Engineer.

Thank you for your time.

Web / Software Development






See below for my projects

Graphic Design




(JavaScript, ReactJS, HTML, CSS)

Color of Your Brain is a web game that tests your brain with colors. The user will have 3 seconds to select the correct word of the corresponding color.

(JavaScript, ReactJS, HTML, CSS)

Splitsy is a web application that organizes finances of a certain event. Events can be a group trip with friends and each friend pays for a specific item e.g., AirBnb or car rental. Splitsy will evenly divide expenses and amount of debt owed to each participant.


Mastermind is based on the 1972, two-player board game of the same name where one player selects a four color combination while the other tries to guess the correct combination. For this game, the four color combination is randomly generated and you have to break the code. This game runs on the terminal.

(Android Studio, Java)

Munchi is an Android application that generates recipes to cook based on ingredients found in the user's pantry. This app was made by my team at UNLV's Senior Design Competition. My role in this project was handling back-end API calls to the recipe API.